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August 23, 2019


We have talked about a lot in a rather short period of time and let me just tell you - you are so welcome to come back anytime. You're welcome here anytime. Heck, you're welcome in our clinic anytime. I think I speak probably for most doctors and nurses that really focus on this area to take care of you to say that this is this problem is such a hard problem. But yet every time I walk into my clinic, I tell you what: I find a new reason to have hope because what I see are folks that are dealing with complications that I can only begin to imagine, but yet they're dealing with those things with grace and class and compassion and kindness. But I think if we work together - nurses, doctors, physician surgeons, and most importantly patients - and we marry a little bit of common sense with technology and marry a little tenacity with the technology, we can affect change together and we can end up in a place where there are far fewer needless lower extremity amputations and far more folks leading a high quality life. Because you know what? That's what we all deserve - whether we have diabetes or not - no matter what our health and no matter what our age.

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